• Antoine Vacavant

    Associate Professor in Computer Science
    Université Clermont Auvergne, Institut Pascal, UMR 6602 UCA/SIGMA/CNRS


I obtained the Master’s degree from the Université Lyon 1, France, in 2005, the PhD degree in computer science from the Université Lyon 2 in 2008 and the HDR (habilitation) in computer science from Université Clermont Auvergne in 2018. I am associate professor at the Université Clermont Auvergne and was the director of the «Licence Professionnelle Image et Son» between 2010 and 2015.
I give courses of signal and image processing, 3-D image rendering (for virtual reality or web applications), project management and object/event based programming in the IUT of Le Puy en Velay.
I am also member of the Institut Pascal, UMR 6602 UCA/SIGMA/CNRS / research team CaVITI, and my main research topics are biomedical image analysis, discrete geometry and topology, irregular spatial structures and computer vision.



Research topics:



Featured publications:

Iterations of smoothed shock filtering for texture classification

M.B. Neiva, A. Vacavant, O.M. Bruno: Improving Texture Extraction and Classification using Smoothed Morphological Operators. Digital signal processing, 2018, to appear.

Extraction of liver vessels from CT and MRI

M.-A. Lebre, A. Vacavant, M. Grand-Brochier, O. Merveille, A. Abergel, P. Chabrot, B. Magnin: Automatic 3-D Skeleton-based Segmentation of Liver Vessels From MRI and CT for Couinaud Representation. In IEEE ICIP 2018, Athens, Greece, October 2018.

HCC detection in DCE-MRI slice

A.L.M. Pavan, M. Benabdallah, M.-A. Lebre, D.R. de Pina, F. Jaziri, A. Vacavant, A. Mtibaa, H. Mohamed Ali, M. Grand-Brochier, H. Rositi, B. Magnin, A. Abergel, P. Chabrot: A parallel framework for HCC detection in DCE-MRI sequences with wavelet-based description and SVM classification. In ACM SAC 2018, Pau, France, April 2018.

Reconstruction with maximal segments and arcs

A. Vacavant, B. Kerautret, T. Roussillon, F. Feschet: Reconstructions of noisy digital contours with maximal primitives based on multi-scale/irregular geometric representation and generalized linear programming. In DGCI 2017, LNCS 10502, pages 291–303, Vienna, Austria, 2017. Springer.



Institut Universitaire de Technologie
8, Rue Jean-Baptiste Fabre
CS 10219
43009 Le Puy en Velay, France
E-mail: antoine[dot]vacavant[at]uca[dot]fr
Phone: +33 [0]4 71 09 90 82